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There are basically 4 characteristics, the so-called 4C, which from a gemological point of view determine the structure and quality of a diamond. They correspond, in their English term to CARAT (weight), COLOR (color), CLARITY (purity) and CUT (size or cut).

There are other characteristics besides these 4 main ones, but we will highlight 2 of great importance when selecting the quality of a diamond , and therefore to define its value: the QUALITY of SIZE, and FLUORESCENCE. All of them constitute the DNI of the diamond.

WEIGH (Carat):
The unit of measure is the carat, which corresponds to the fifth part of a gram, that is, 2 decigrams. (1qt = 0.20 gr.) Possibly the most ambiguous of the 4C; actually refers to the weight of the diamond and not its size.

peso carat


It is an indicator of the degree of transparency of the diamond, and influences both its brightness and beauty as well as its price . The GIA scale ( Gemological Institute of America ), classifies the color of a diamond in a range that goes from the letter D (totally colorless) to the letter Z (yellow / brown tone). The more we move down the color scale, the more noticeable will be the yellowish tone of the diamond due to the presence of hydrogen atoms in its structure. The total absence of color in a diamond, letter D, is exceptional, and therefore they acquire a high value in the market .

indicador color

In GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍAwe select diamonds from the DH range ( River ,Top Weselton and Weselton on the Scandinavian scale), which are the ones we always recommend to our customers. client@s.

PURITY (Clarity)

Indicates the presence or absence of inclusions, internal marks or imperfections visible or not at a glance or with a magnifying glass of 10 magnifications. It is extraordinarily rare to find a perfect diamond that does not have any inclusion, crack, line or pieces of coal in its internal structure .

In GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍA we select diamonds with the following qualities: VVS1-VVS2-VS1-VS2


SIZE or CUT (Cut):

It refers to the proportion, polish and symmetry of the diamond, which will determine its intensity and brightness. It is the only criterion of the 4C in which the human factor intervenes ; The main mission of an expert carver is to achieve the best quality of size, allowing the diamond to reflect the maximum light. Therefore, a good size achieves an optimal refraction of the light in the diamond, providing a greater brightness and sparkle.


diamond size


The quality of the size of a diamond is classified according to the following scale:


In GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍA we select diamonds with an EXCELLENT or VERY GOOD quality of the cut, since they guarantee the greatest refraction of light, giving it a greater brightness.