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After an extensive career as a family business started in 1973 under the name of Gómez Taboada Hnos., S.A.,in 2003 GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍA was born, constituted by a new generation of this jewelery family. 

Our careful designs, a meticulous production process carried out entirely in Spain, together with a highly qualified and professional team with large experience have been and nowadays are the pillars which contribute to GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍA being a reference company and recognized in the jeweler sector of our country.


The company


taller jorería

In our company we are very aware that the market is changing deeply in recent times. A good jewel is no longer seen as an unattainable article, an object of luxury that is only used at specific times, but is part of our day to day. Therefore, more and more women and men don´t wait to be given away.

Within our brand we propose to approach you a new concept of High Jewelry; current designs, very wearable and that give you elegance, security and distinction to any look, anytime and anywhere. Jewels that you always want to live and enjoy.


Brand values



           The MELROSE ring & friends                     

In GODIAM ALTA JOYERÍA you are the protagonists for us, the source of inspiration for all our designs. A feeling, an illusion, a dream; life is full of special and unique moments to celebrate ...

Your jewels talks about you, they write your story. Therefore, we design and produce each of them with all our passion, because they will be part of your essence. We create jewels with soul that will always accompany you and that will remind you of those special and important moments of your life; without a doubt, they will gain value over time, from generation to generation.

  • Creation and Quality Process: we pamper the design and production of each of our jewels to the last detail; from the original idea that is reflected in a first sketch, until the piece is completely finished. We thoroughly select the raw materials used in the production process, in which all our precious stone suppliers strictly comply with the protocols of the DTC (Diamond Trading Company).                                                                                                                                                    Our jewels pass a strict quality control in each of its phases (design, final selection of raw materials defending their ethical origin and ensuring that they are acquired in conflict-free areas, production, crimping process, polishing and high quality rhodium). Each of them is delivered accompanied by its corresponding Quality Certificate, which details all the technical characteristics thereof; it is the ID of the jewel. 

  • Product Philosophy and Professionalism: by having total control over production and not importing our jewels from other manufacturers or foreign markets, we have the ability to offer you a quality online and also offline service, professional, efficient and effective. We make your jewels in an individual way and with a lot of love because we perfectly know that each jewel has a beautiful story behind and a very personal meaning that will grow over time.                                                                                                                                                                                                  We personalize not only the final characteristics of your jewel (choice of the hue of the metal, size or color of the stone, engraving of the piece, etc), but we can offer you to design with us the jewel of your dreams. They are added values that will make your jewelry exclusive and unique. Being manufacturers and having no intermediaries, we always offer our customers the highest quality at competitive prices.